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DCS-100E and DCS-103E

Light is flickering or the brightness varies unpredictably.

– Evaluate if any potential EMI producing equipment is in the vicinity (high voltage welding equipment, etc.).

– Do not route output power to the light in the same wire-chase as the trigger lines if possible. High current pulses can cause noise to couple into the trigger.

– Use shielded trigger cables.

When strobing, the images are dark or inconsistent in brightness

– MTry using longer pulse-widths. 100usec or higher is recommended for best performance.

The software is blank and shows no controls for the DCS

– Power down the controller and restart the software GUI.

– Custom extension cables could be causing the light to not be read by the controller. Only use approved extension cables and lengths from Ai.

– Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds, then toggle power on the controller.

I cant connect to my controller or it is not visible in the software drop-down menu

– Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds, then toggle power to the controller. The controller will revert back to default using DHCP or using Default IP address listed in the manual.

– Reconfigure IP settings based on if you’re using DHCP or a fixed IP address.

The light appears to be barely lit when idle in strobe

– Normal operation—this is to ensure the controller is charged and ready for the next trigger.