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Pulsar 320

Light is flickering or the brightness varies unpredictably.

– Evaluate if any potential EMI producing equipment is in the vicinity (high voltage welding equipment, etc.).

– Do not route output power to the light in the same wire-chase as the trigger lines if possible. High current pulses can cause noise to couple into the trigger.

– Use shielded trigger cables.

When strobing, the images are dark or inconsistent in brightness

– Reduce the trigger frequency, shorten the pulsewidth, or reduce the current until the maximum frequency is no longer exceeded.

I can’t get the trigger to work

– Follow the recommended trigger wiring diagrams in the manual. Try checking or un-checking the “differential triggers” option in the S320 software. Contact for further assistance.

The software doesn’t allow me to adjust any settings (all grayed –out)

– Verify the light is connected and that the components inside the “C5” connector are all tightened down completely.

– Avoid extending the cable yourself. If you’ve added an extension cable it must be under 2m long, else contact the factory for assistance.

– If you’re not using an AI branded “C5” light, the output needs a Signatech identifier, so it will not
work unless one was provided to you from the factory.

I am getting an error-code which is not listed in the manual

– Contact: for assistance.