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New Product Release: Enhanced GUI for Pulsar 320E

Pulsar 320E Angled View

We are pleased to announce the release of Ai’s industry-leading software GUI for the Pulsar 320E High Current lighting controllers. The Pulsar 320E software GUI features improved user functionality, full compatibility for both Pulsar 320E and the original Pulsar 320, and support for Windows and Linux operating systems.

The new software GUI is easily installed and helps simplify applications where one controller powers a multi-light line, allowing users to conserve valuable space and improve cost efficiencies by reducing the number of controllers needed to achieve multiple inspections in one station. Additionally, the Pulsar 320E controllers are housed in a compact enclosure with DIN rail mounting, designed to deliver effective thermal dissipation while integrating seamlessly into vision system applications.

The Pulsar 320E provides the ultimate lighting control for strobe-only, high-power applications. Featuring Ai’s proprietary SignaTech™ control system, the Pulsar 320E is designed to drive machine vision lighting to peak operating performance without risk of damage, consistent delivery of characteristics, and provides long-term stability for your inspection system.

A global leader in the LED Machine Vision Industry since 1993, Advanced illumination combines innovation in product development and quality in processes to deliver tailored lighting solutions to its customers. Ai has Stock products that ship within 1-3 days and hundreds of thousands of Build-to-Order lights ready to ship within 1-3 weeks. Ai customers face unique challenges regarding their ever-evolving inspection systems; Ai is a market leader, providing innovative, high-value, defect-free machine vision lighting solutions.

Pulsar 320 & Pulsar 320E Software Downloads