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Machine vision systems are becoming easier to use, but a software algorithm will never be able to detect flawed parts at 100% accuracy without a quality image to inspect. If you are relying on software to compensate for missing or inaccurate data, then your margin of error increases dramatically and you have an image problem!

            At Advanced illumination (Ai), we understand 
            how difficult it can be to choose the correct light
            source in order to acquire the best image for your
            application, and that while there are many
            options to choose from, there is often only one
            solution for a lighting problem.

            We built our business by focusing on machine
            vision lighting for the factory floor. Advanced
            illumination's mission is to make your challenges
            our challenges by providing complete service and
            support of tested and proven LED lighting. Our
            goal is to become the trusted lighting source for
            factory automation professionals by partnering
            with the world's leading integrators, distributors
            and developers of machine vision technology.



     •  We deliver customized solutions faster than any other supplier of machine vision illumination. Our in-stock
          products ship within three days of receipt of the order - quite often the same or next day - and our Standard
          Variation and Expandable Lighting products ship within two weeks.


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