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Loaner Evaluation Program

Packaged machine vision lighting

At Ai, we want to ensure you have the right machine vision lighting solution for your inspection application.  To assist you with this process, we offer our Loaner Evaluation Program to provide evaluation lights for you to test within your existing inspection application – at no charge to  you!

Our Ai Loaner Evaluation Program often follows our Sample Evaluation Program, through which our Applications Lab works with you to understand your inspection parameters and existing restrictions of your inspection line to find the correct lighting product recommendation for your inspection application.

While every effort will be made to provide the required light for testing, not all custom variations are available. We will work with you to make sure that you receive products appropriate for in-house testing. If a product is in our inventory but not currently in stock, we will notify you as soon as it becomes available.

Please locate your nearest distributor to inquire about our loaner program.

Once you have coordinated with a distributor to participate in the Loaner Evaluation Program, please consider the following details: 

30 Day Trial: The standard evaluation period is 30 days. If additional time is needed, please call our Customer Service department. You will be billed for an evaluation light only if a product is not returned in a timely manner.

Ordering: A Purchase Order is required to obtain evaluation products. Please clearly mark the PO “For Evaluation Purposes” to avoid being invoiced. Include the full part number as well as the contact and address where the light(s) should be sent.

Shipping: Evaluation products are shipped at no charge via UPS Ground. For faster shipping, or a different carrier, the Customer must provide an account number.

Returning Evaluation Equipment: To return lights when testing is completed, simply ship them back to Ai’s factory. Please include some form of identification, such as a copy of the original PO or Ai Acknowledgement, in the package to avoid being billed for evaluation equipment. No RMA is required for returning evaluation lights.

Purchasing Evaluation Equipment: In most cases we will recommend that the customer order a new light, but continue using the evaluation light until the new product arrives.