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Allied Vision and Ai Integration Guide

Digital camera manufacturer Allied Vision and LED lighting manufacturer Advanced illumination have released a detailed information guide on integrating Allied Vision Mako Cameras with Advanced illumination lighting products and controllers.

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Importance of Thermal Management in Machine Vision

When selecting individual components for or investing in turn-key machine vision systems, acceptable performance, system longevity, and cost are always high priorities. Other factors you should consider in the earliest stages of designing a machine vision system: thermal management and heat dissipation.

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Looking Back @ 2020 with Ai

Like the rest of the world, 2020 at Advanced illumination did not shape up quite as we had planned. However, through adaptability, our team and the rest of the machine vision industry persevered. Read more for our accomplishments throughout the year and for our outlook in 2021.

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CSI, Inc. Cement Board Inspection Application

Control Systems Integrators, Inc. was contacted to configure a lighting solution for a customer inspecting white fiber-cement boards. The motion inspection through an enclosed tunnel posed a unique challenge, and Bar Lights from Advanced illumination assisted in the vision inspection solution.

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Lighting a Path to Sustainability

At Advanced illumination, we understand the value of efficiency, reliability, and social responsibility. We are proud to announce our most recent operational investment toward a more sustainable, responsible future with the installation of our new solar panel array.

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Photometric Stereo Technique

For many surfaces, simple defects such as scratches and dents are easily identifiable with a machine vision camera and a traditional lighting solution. However, some objects have 3D aspects that make accurately identifying surface defects more difficult. To achieve feature-appropriate surface contrast to gather a 3D perspective, Photometric Stereo may be applied.

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