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 Ai has set the pace in machine vision lighting with first to market innovations:

  • We developed Evenlite™ Technology, a proprietary structured lighting system; powered LEDs are aimed at a targeting fixture and then affixed into position. Electrical wiring completes the lighting sub-assembly.
  • We designed multi-channel, white light sources utilizing red, green and blue LEDs before the advent of white light LEDs.
  • The first company to “Overdrive” LEDs in strobed mode; with active duty cycle control, very short, high current pulses are utilized to drive an LED with up to 50X the nominal steady-state current.
  • The originator of independently controllable, multi-channel drive electronics.
  • Our proprietary SignaTech® (Signature Technology); a microprocessor-based controller reads a SignaTech® memory chip, specifically programmed for each illuminator, in order to establish maximum operating parameters. The memory chip, located in the light-head cable, is preprogrammed with details about the illuminator’s circuit design as well as specific LED characteristics.
  • First to develop expandable lighting; where housings, circuit boards and control electronics are designed as a flexible system whereby the products can be tailored quickly to a wide range of lengths and sizes.