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VIDEO: DCS-100E & DCS-103E Controller Quickstart

VIDEO: DCS-100E & DCS-103E Controller Quickstart One advantage of using Ai lighting controllers with our lights is the plug-and-play SignaTech control system, which ensures the safety of your lights when overdriving. With both the illuminator and controller designed to work together, you can drive your lights with confidence. Download the DCS-100E Software from the Product […]

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Photometric Stereo Technique

For many surfaces, simple defects such as scratches and dents are easily identifiable with a machine vision camera and a traditional lighting solution. However, some objects have 3D aspects that make accurately identifying surface defects more difficult. To achieve feature-appropriate surface contrast to gather a 3D perspective, Photometric Stereo may be applied.

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Building Quality LED Lighting

At Ai, we claim to deliver quality LED lighting solutions to our customers… and we can prove it! Read more about our Quality Testing here. Through stringent product testing, streamlined documentation system, and our ISO 9001 process, we deliver the highest quality, most reliable lighting solutions for your machine vision application.

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The SignaTech Advantage

SignaTech (Signature Technology) is Advanced illumination’s proprietary control system that allows our LED illuminators in machine vision systems to operate at maximum output under all operating conditions, while protecting the light head from damage. The SignaTech Control System allows pulsing of certain LEDs up to 50x overdrive currents while still maintaining the highest flux output and longest lifetime of the LEDs.

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OEM Solutions At The Speed of Light

With tens of thousands of lighting systems installed we can support the tight integration and quality the OEM demands for high volume applications. Our flexible designs mean the products can be tailored quickly to a wide range of […]

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