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New Product: BL313 Medium Intensity Linear Backlight

BL313 Medium Intensity Linear Backlight

Rochester, VT – Advanced illumination releases its newest LED light for machine vision, the BL313 Medium Intensity Linear Backlight.  This Linear Backlight delivers intense, diffuse illumination in a scalable design.  Ideal for backlighting line scan applications and object silhouetting, the BL313 is customizable by peak wavelength and emitting length to provide tailored solutions for user applications.

The BL313 features 17x higher output intensity than the existing BL193, with 226 kLux in a highly uniform dispersion.  Pre-engineered scalability translates to emitting lengths in 2” increments, eight peak wavelength options, and an optional washdown feature for harsh environments.  The Medium Intensity Linear Backlight is also available with inline or external controls, providing varying power options for both strobed and continuous operation.

This new Linear Backlight is also an ideal diffuse light projector for applications requiring adequate light dispersion to minimize hot-spot reflection on specular surfaces, particularly where space constraints exclude standard diffuse lighting.  As with every product from Advanced illumination, the Medium Intensity Linear Backlight has a standard five-year warranty from the original date of purchase.

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