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I4 Inline Controller

New Product Release: I4 Inline Controller

Rochester, VT – We are proud to announce the release of the new I4 Inline Controller, the fourth generation of Ai’s popular Inline Control System (ICS). This innovative product is engineered to push the boundaries of inline output power for machine vision lights. With the ability to provide 2.1 amps of continuous output and up to 8 amps of overdrive strobe, no other inline controller on the market provides the performance of the I4.

The I4 has been designed with versatility in mind. With a compact, smooth bodied anodized aluminum housing, this inline controller is perfectly sized for fitting through conduit. In addition to its compact form factor, the new ICS comes sealed to the IEC IP68 standard, allowing for prolonged liquid immersion and complete protection against dust ingress.

The I4 allows for truly plug-and-play functionality. As a SignaTechTM (Signature Technology) enabled controller, the I4 is capable of overdriving Advanced Illumination lights beyond their continuous output limits, without risk of damaging the light head. Whether you are looking to operate a light in continuous or in overdrive strobe, both can be achieved with the I4. This inline controller also allows for analog dimming via a 0 – 10 V signal as well as gated strobe via a PNP and/or NPN trigger signal. For streamlined connectivity, the I4 is configurable with an optional industry standard 5-pin M12 or 4-pin M8 connector, allowing for simplified direct connections to specific smart cameras and other devices.

I4 Inline Controller

The I4 is now available when configuring larger lighting products requiring more current. This includes the following:

Product TypeProduct Model
Bar LightLL174
Bar LightAL295
Bar LightAL247
Bar LightAL150
Bar LightAL126
Bar LightAL116
Diffuse LightFD2
Diffuse LightFD
Diffuse LightFX
Diffuse LightDL067
Diffuse LightDL151

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