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Lighting a Path to Sustainability

At Advanced illumination, we understand the value of efficiency, reliability, and social responsibility.  Our integration of sustainable business operations and uniform manufacturing processes is evidenced by our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.  Today, we are proud to announce our most recent operational investment toward a more sustainable, responsible future with the installation of our new solar panel array.

In early 2018, we contracted Norwich Solar to install 192 solar panels adjacent to our corporate offices and in-house manufacturing building.  The solar array was initially scheduled to be installed and generating power at the start of 2020, but the COVID-19 circumstances adjusted that timeline; however, we are pleased to have the array now installed and running.

The panels will operate as a net meter, meaning the generated solar energy is sent out to the electric grid while we receive credits for the energy produced.  We estimate that this investment will result in the solar panels generating enough energy to cover 60-70% of our Vermont operations.

According to Joe Smith, General Manager at Ai, “we have been dedicated to this project for about two years.  We’re looking forward to the cost-effective, socially-responsible impacts of this investment.”

The solar panels are one additional step we have taken to cultivate a more self-sufficient, economical business operation.  Having recently invested in commercial generators to facilitate continuous manufacturing operations, we continue to focus on increasing uptime and lowering operational expenses – directly affecting product cost and turnaround times for our customers.

Also, by investing in solar energy we will be reducing our carbon footprint and continuing to lessen the negative impact our operations have on the environment.  Says John Thrailkill, CEO and Co-Founder of Ai, “over the years we’ve been taking steps throughout our business operations to reduce waste and conserve resources.  This is one more important action to continue our sustainability efforts while focusing on our long-term goals.”

Here at Ai, we understand that our business is rooted in smarter energy consumption.  The introduction of LEDs into the machine vision industry resulted in longer-lasting, more energy-efficient solutions for lighting in manufacturing automation.  We recognize both the operational and environmental impact of our products, and we believe our recent investment in renewable energy will continue benefiting our customers, advancing our corporate mission, and reducing the carbon footprint of the manufacturing industry.

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