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New White Paper: The Mechanics of Strobe Overdriving LED Lights for Machine Vision Applications

When using short, high-intensity light pulses to reduce pixel blur during high-speed inspections, understanding LED behavior and how controllers deliver the prerequisite precision to overdrive LEDs for maximum performance and reliability is key. That’s why we’ve created an 8-page white paper, “The Mechanics of Strobe Overdriving LED Lights for Machine Vision Applications.”  Our experts, Joseph St. Amour and John D. Thrailkill provide an assessment into the mechanics and controls of overdriving strobed LEDs in machine vision applications. Machine vision novices and experts will gain insights on:

  • Optimizing LED performance and reliability
  • The distinctions between continuous, gated, and strobed operation of LEDs
  • Balancing performance and cost
  • How control over an LED’s electrical impulses and thermal buildup impacts its performance, reliability, and lifetime.

Access your copy using the link below.  Choose between reading it on our website or downloading the PDF. Get the insights you need for superior machine vision performance.