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Meat Processing Inspection with UltraSeal Washdown Backlights

Machine Vision Challenge: Meat Processing & Inspection

Achieving pinpoint accuracy with a vision system while maintaining the highest levels of sanitation within automated meat processing is a must. The inspection system must identify foreign objects, whether bits of metal or plastic, while being rugged enough to withstand the challenging environment of stray particles and corrosive washdown solutions.

An automation partner in North America was contacted by a meat processor faced with such a challenge. In its processing environment, the customer is using knives to cut the meat as it moves along the assembly line. The customer needs to inspect the knives after each operation to ensure there are no knife fragments missing and is working with the distributor to develop the necessary inspection application.

They determined the system required backlighting that would deliver silhouetting of the knives for adequate inspection and detect any chips, cracks, or changes in the knives’ surfaces post-operation.

Ai Solution: BL245 UltraSeal Washdown Backlights

To deliver silhouetting while being able to withstand the washdown requirements of the inspection, the distributor recommended the Advanced illumination BL245 UltraSeal Washdown Backlights. With no cracks or crevices on the face of the light, the BL245 Washdown Backlights provides uniform illumination while eliminating the concern of meat particles, stray liquids, or other particulates getting caught anywhere on the light and causing unsanitary conditions. The IP69K certified rating also delivers a peace-of-mind that the efficacy of the light would not be compromised during routine high-pressure cleanings.

The UltraSeal Backlights would also withstand the frequent use of sanitizers and caustic washdown solutions necessary to maintain the strict cleanliness standards, thanks to the corrosion-resistant finish.

Illumination Results: Uniform, Reliable, Hygienic Illumination

For this challenging environment, the BL245 produces the uniform illumination required to precisely inspect the knives for blade consistency to achieve the customer’s goal of a safe food manufacturing environment. The UltraSeal Washdown Backlight also provides the specifications necessary to maintain hygienic standards within this extreme environment, presenting the optimal machine vision solution.

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