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Washdown Backlights Engineered

for Food and Beverage Applications

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Food & Beverage Ideal

Pre-Engineered Scalability

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BL245 Demo Light Offer Details

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  • Demo light stock sizes: 4″x4″ or 8″x4″
  • Wavelength and power configuration options are determined by size choice
  • One demo light per size per distributor location
UltraSeal Washdown Lights vs. Competitive Washdown Lights

BL245 8″x4″ Shown

BL245 UltraSeal Washdown Backlights

Built for extreme environments, our IP69K certified lights are specifically engineered to withstand everything – from prolonged liquid immersion, to high-pressure steam cleaning, and even corrosive washdown solutions.  Click to learn more about the importance of IP69K Certification.

For applications involving food contact, the UltraSeal lights are engineered with a proprietary FDA-compliant finish, enabling them to withstand the rigorous cleaning requirements necessary to keep hygienic standards within food and beverage production facilities.  Suitable for use in “Non-Product” and up to “Splash” zones.  The UltraSeal Backlights are built with pre-engineered scalability to offer multiple sizes and are available in five wavelength options.

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