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Custom Solutions and the Ai Configurator Tool

Machine vision systems are often as diverse as the objects they inspect, and the lighting required to illuminate these applications should be flexible enough to accommodate.  Whether you’re inspecting specular, curved, textured, or other unique surfaces, it’s important to understand that the illumination solution used in your inspection system can have a significant impact on the application’s success.

Challenges in Sourcing Illumination

Sourcing appropriate lighting systems can pose a challenge for some inspection applications, particularly in situations with tight spatial constraints or when lighting was not considered early in the application build process.  At Advanced illumination, we believe the flexibility and degree of customization provided by your lighting vendor in these circumstances can alleviate these added pressures and result in a more robust, successful application. 

After all, we built a company around it.

Our Mission

In 1993, we founded Advanced illumination based on a model of delivering expandable LED lighting for machine vision – a vision that so far has grown into an offering of hundreds of thousands of lighting configurations available within 1-3 weeks.  We understand the unique challenges of machine vision, including the sheer variety of inspection applications, and we believe custom-built, quickly available solutions provide the greatest opportunity for success.

Ai’s objective is to deliver solutions for these challenges by providing Build-to-Order, Semi-Custom, and Custom lights that allow for complete flexibility.  Our multi-tier approach to customization results in unique lighting solutions with reduced engineering, design, and documentation costs – often at no additional cost to the customer.  Our adaptable build-to-order system delivers lighting configured from a large set of predetermined parameters within short lead times.  And our customers agree: according to one Lead Engineer, “being able to talk out the unique lighting challenges with the Ai team and get expert thoughts on wavelength, color, and light type is the best part about working with Ai.”

Unique Value-Added Tools from Ai

To support users, we’ve developed an online configurator which places the power to customize lights in the hands of our customers.  Through the innovative Ai Configurator, users can build each of our LED lights to their specifications by selecting their desired light size, wavelength, power source, cable length, and more to best fit their inspection application. 

This is all accessible through the Advanced illumination website: simply visit the Ai Configurator Tool page to access all configurable products, or visit each product page to access more technical information, click “Configure This Light” on the right-hand side of the page.  Either way, the Ai Configurator Tool allows you to explore the thousands of configurations our expandable solutions offer.

Should a customer have an application that requires additional customization outside of any options on the configurator, our Engineering Team is just a phone call away.  Our knowledgeable representatives can consult with you and recommend a solution designed to best meet your unique challenges, whether it’s a Semi-Custom or Fully Custom product.  Says one customer, “Advanced illumination’s ability to solve our specific application challenges has made them stand out from the competition.  Ai has some unique lights not available elsewhere, and we have only received exceptional support from their technical team.” 

At Ai, we take pride in our ability to deliver our customers any degree of custom lighting to ensure precise, robust illumination for their unique inspection applications.