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The new Light Hub for Zebra Iris GTX Smart Cameras (HCS-150-ZEB) streamlines machine vision system setup. This innovative controller acts as a central hub, directly powering your Zebra Iris GTX Smart Camera while managing triggering and analog dimming control between the camera, compatible lights, and I/O accessories.

Equipped with Advanced Illumination’s SignaTech™ technology, the Light Hub delivers 4 amps of continuous output and up to 8 amps of overdrive strobe. This empowers you to choose from a vast array of Advanced Illumination lighting configurations, ensuring optimal illumination for your application. Whether you need seamless integration with an 3×3 infrared backlight or would like to overdrive strobe a 70″ high intensity bar light, the Light Hub delivers.

Controller Style
HCS: Hybrid Control System (External, Detachable, GUI Disabled)
User Interface
Hardware Inputs (NPN and PNP Trigger, Analog)
Operating Modes
Pulse (Overdrive Strobe), Gated Continuous, Continuous
Light Head Connection
Via B-coded 5-pin Male M12 with Embedded EEPROM (SignaTechTM) on Light Head Cable (C1)
Camera Connection
HCS-150-ZEB, Via 12-pin Male M12
Input Supply Requirements
24 V DC Nominal, 4.5 A Recommended
24 V Min - 30 V Max; Power Inputs Reverse-Polarity Protected
Output Channels
Number of Light Outputs: 1
Number of Channels per Output: 1
Output Power
Continuous: 100W Max*
Pulsed: 240W Peak*
Output Current
Continuous: 50 mA to 4 A
Pulsed: 8 A Max*
Output Voltage
Vin - 1.5V
Trigger Signal
5 V Min to 30 V Max, <=5 mA, NPN or PNP Inputs
Trigger Protection
30 V Voltage Clamp and Reverse Polarity Protection
Trigger Delay
20 μs + 10 μs LED Rise-time
Trigger Frequency Limit
2 KHz
Pulse Width Range
30 μs – 5 ms (overdrive), >5 ms for gated continuous
Duty Cycle Range
Typical <1% for high current overdrive,
Up to 100% for constant on continuous current
*Dependent on the limitations of the connected light
Dimming Range
10% - 100%, Adjustments via Camera Controls (0 - 10 V Analog)
Status Indicator LEDs
Green: Power,
Yellow: Communication,
Red: Error
Hardware trigger and brightness controlled via connected camera for Zebra (HCS-150-ZEB) version
Operating Temperature
0°C to +40 °C
Storage Temperature
-25°C to +85 °C
IP Rating
Length: 3.51 in (89.2 mm)
Width: 1.21 in (30.8 mm)
Height: 4.75 in (120.1 mm)
0.632 lbs (0.287 kg)
35 mm DIN-rail or M4 Nut Channels
Case Material
5 Years
*Values shown are based on controller component limitations. Actual limitations will vary depending on the limits set for the connected light head. These limits are determined using Advanced Illumination's proprietary SignaTechTM (Signature Technology) in order to ensure safe peak performance.
HCS 150 ZEB Mechanical Drawing

The HCS-150-ZEB is easy to mount with its included 35mm DIN-rail clip. For alternative mounting configurations, M4 nut channels are also provided.