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UltraSeal Backlights

BL245 Series

The BL245 Series, otherwise known as our UltraSeal™ Backlight Series, provides a ruggedized solution for the most demanding washdown applications.

UltraSeal lights are IP69K certified, ensuring complete protection against dust ingress and high-pressure steam.

This patented design is virtually crevice-free, engineered without the use of exposed fasteners, greatly reducing the chance of food, dust, dirt or other debris getting caught on its surface.

PCN No: 169

Date Issued: April 29, 2024

Notice Type: Product Change

Type: Washdown Lights

Change Notification Summary

In an effort to improve our products, Advanced illumination (Ai) will update the LEDs used in the BL245 design. This change will result in a light 2-3x brighter at the same price. The conversion will begin on June 1st, 2024.

In addition Ai will be adding stainless steel (SS) , black anodized aluminum (AL) and removing nickel plate as housing choices for those applications that require it. This material will be stocked initially in the following sizes, 4x4, 6x6 and 8x4. Other sizes will be made to order with a 6-8 wks lead time for stainless stell and 4 wks for aluminum. All part numbers moving forward with include the housing material in the PN.

This LED change will result in slightly different wavelengths being available: 470nm, 530nm, 625nm, 850nm and White.

Orders for customized (dash numbers) versions of BL245 will be honored until August 1st of 2024. Ai will be actively working with customers for those products to simplify the transition.

Please contact your Ai Sales Representative if you have any questions.

LED Update & New Housing Options