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Sample Application: Bottle Printed Lot Code Inspection

In this example, we are inspecting a printed lot code on the bottom of a glossy vitamin bottle.  Because of the reflective and concave surface characteristics of the bottom of the bottle, it is difficult to illuminate the printed lot code without excessive specular reflections.

By using a DF198-115 MicroBriteTM Diffuse Ring Light with each of its four quadrants independently controlled with the DCS-400E Quad Controller, we are able to capture four images with illumination from different directions.

Final Processed Image

The four input images depict the bottom of the glossy bottle from four distinct illumination directions, with respect to the camera point of view. 

Using the Matrox Design Assistant and Imaging Library (MIL) to process the images, the final image appears flat – resulting in an easily identifiable printed lot code in the final processed image. 

Ai Products Featured in the Sample Application

DF198-115 MicroBrite™ Diffuse Ring Light

DCS-400E Quad Controller