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Quad Controller

DCS-400E Controller

4 Independent Channels, 1 Output Connector

Includes built-in pre-programmed sequencing.

Provides control for computational imaging, including photometric stereo, extended depth of field, combined bright field + dark field, high dynamic range, and high resolution color.

Ideal for multi-channel lights and multi-light stations. Due to power output constraints, some configurable light lengths may be limited.

Housed within a compact enclosure with DIN rail mounting.

Driven with SignaTech™ for improved safety and easy operation.


Whether you’re looking to create shapes from shading using computational imaging or building a multi-point inspection line, Advanced Illumination’s Quad Controllers are engineered to solve a wide variety of applications.

The DCS-400E provides a total of 4 channels, each capable of firing independently. Built-in pre-programmed sequencing, allows users to progress through pre-determined recipes.  This provides users the ability to automatically time a lighting sequence and output a correlated camera trigger, and to do so through multiple pre-programmed routines.  As an example, by using the DCS’ frame-start signal, it is possible to synchronize a camera exposure to capture each channel as they flash in sequence.

Driven with Ai’s proprietary SignaTech™, the DCS-800E and DCS-400E delivers peak performance while maintaining safe currents for ensured long-term stability.

Both Quad Controllers are housed in a compact enclosure with DIN rail mounting, delivering seamless integration into your existing machine vision system.


Controller Style
Discrete Control System (External, Detachable)
User Interface
Software GUI, Web Browser
Operating Modes
Sequence, Pulse (Overdrive Strobe), Continuous
Light Head Connection
Via Proprietary 8-Post Header Block with Embedded EEPROM on Light Head Cable (Q1 or Q4)**
Input Supply Requirements
24V DC Nominal, 4.5A Recommended
21V Min - 48V Max; Power Inputs Reverse-Polarity Protected
Output Channels
Number of Outputs: 1
Number of Channels per Output: 4
Output Power
Continuous: 60W Max Total, 15W per Channel*
Pulsed: 480W Peak Total, 120W Peak per Channel*
Output Current
Continuous: 2A Max Total, 0.5A per Channel*
Pulsed: 40A Max Total, 10A per Channel*
Output Voltage
Continuous: Vin - 1V, Channel Independent
Pulsed: 45V Max*, Channel Independent
Trigger Signal
TTL Compatible
3.7V Min - 30V Max, <=5mA
Trigger Protection
Protected up to 30V
Trigger Delay
20μs + 10us LED rise-time
Trigger Frequency Limit
Pulse Width Range
30μs - 3600ms
Programmable Pulse Delay
1μs - 1000s
Duty Cycle Range
Typical <1% for high current overdrive, up to 15%
Dependent on the limitations of the connected light.
Dimming Range
0% - 100%, 1mA Increments via Software Settings
Status Indicator LEDs
Green: Power
Yellow: Communication
Red: Error
10/100 Ethernet Standard TCP-IP, UDP
.NET Library Compatible w/ C#, F# and VB
Operating System Software Support
GUI: Windows 7+ (requires .NET Framework 4.5+)
Operating Temperature Range
0°C to +55 °C
Storage Temperature Range
-25°C to +85 °C
IP Rating
Not Rated
4.20" x 1.63" x 5.14" (106.6mm x 41.5mm x 130.6mm)
1.03lb (467g)
DIN Rail
Case Material
Aluminum and Steel
5 Years
*Values shown are based on controller component limitations. Actual limitations will vary depending on the limits set for the connected light head. These limits are determined using Advanced Illumination's proprietary SignaTechTM (Signature Technology) in order to ensure safe peak performance.

** Various light head configurations available, including 1 x 4-channel quadrant (Q1) control or multiple single light heads (Q4) per block.

Multi-light stations are currently limited to the following group of identical light heads.  A future development will allow the Quad Controllers to drive up to eight different configured lights simultaneously.

DF198 - Dark Field Ring Light
DF241 - Small Low Angle Dark Field Ring Light
DF242 - Large Low Angle Dark Field Ring Light
LL174 - High Intensity Bar Light
AL295 - MicroBrite™ Bar Light
AL116 - High Dispersion Wide Bar Light
AL126 - High Dispersion Narrow Bar Light
LL232 - MicroBrite™ Line Light
SL243 - MicroBrite™ Small Spot Light
SL244 - MicroBrite™ Spot Light

Note: due to power output constraints, some configurable light lengths may be limited.