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Quad X2 Controller

DCS-800E Controller

8 Independent Channels, 2 Output Connectors

Includes built-in pre-programmed sequencing.

Provides control for computational imaging, including photometric stereo, extended depth of field, combined bright field + dark field, high dynamic range, and high resolution color.

Ideal for multi-channel lights and multi-light stations. Due to power output constraints, some configurable light lengths may be limited.

Housed within a compact enclosure with DIN rail mounting.

Driven with SignaTech™ for improved safety and easy operation.


Whether you’re looking to create shapes from shading using computational imaging or building a multi-point inspection line, Advanced Illumination’s Quad Controllers are engineered to solve a wide variety of applications.

The DCS-800E provides a total of 8 channels using 2 outputs, each channel capable of firing independently. Built-in pre-programmed sequencing, allows users to progress through pre-determined recipes.  This provides users the ability to automatically time a lighting sequence and output a correlated camera trigger, and to do so through multiple pre-programmed routines.  As an example, by using the DCS’ frame-start signal, it is possible to synchronize a camera exposure to capture each channel as they flash in sequence.

Driven with Ai’s proprietary SignaTech™, the DCS-800E and DCS-400E delivers peak performance while maintaining safe currents for ensured long-term stability.

Both Quad Controllers are housed in a compact enclosure with DIN rail mounting, delivering seamless integration into your existing machine vision system.


Channel Control
8 Independent Channels
2 Output Connectors
Continuous, Gated Continuous, or Pulsed
Power Requirements
24V DC Nominal, 4.5A
Min Voltage = 22V DC
Max Voltage = 48V DC
Output Power
500 mA Continuous Per Channel; up to 100W Total
5A Pulsed (24V Input); 960W Peak
10A Pulsed (48V Input); 3,840W Peak
External Trigger - Input / Output
5V, TTL Compatible
Overvoltage Protected - Safe Up to 30VDC
Trigger-to-Pulse Latency
30μs delay
2μs rise/fall
Duty Cycle / Frequency
15% Duty Cycle Limit in Overdrive / Pulsed Mode

*Longer duty cycles possible at “continuous” current ratings
Pulse Width Range
30μs to 1h
Communication / Software
10/100 Ethernet Standard TCP-IP, UDP
.NET Library Compatible w/ C#, F# and VB
Windows Software
Operating Temperature
0°C to 60°C

Multi-light stations are currently limited to the following group of identical light heads.  A future development will allow the Quad Controllers to drive up to eight different configured lights simultaneously.

DF198 - Dark Field Ring Light
DF241 - Small Low Angle Dark Field Ring Light
DF242 - Large Low Angle Dark Field Ring Light
LL174 - High Intensity Bar Light
AL295 - MicroBrite™ Bar Light
AL116 - High Dispersion Wide Bar Light
AL126 - High Dispersion Narrow Bar Light
LL232 - MicroBrite™ Line Light
SL243 - MicroBrite™ Small Spot Light
SL244 - MicroBrite™ Spot Light

Note: due to power output constraints, some configurable light lengths may be limited.